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The Great Awakening in living a thoughtful life

Live life bearing in mind that one day you will leave.
Leave life knowing that you are off to live.

The train of life might move slow; because that is what mostly does. It will pass over rocky hills, bumpy fields and, occasionally, smooth plains. And you might be seated in a cabin with the most annoying people ever.

And when all these happens, you probably have to take a leap out the window and get hurt, but it will be worth it if you get a bicycle and ride alongside the train, dodging the hills and the bumps, creating your own trail because you are unique in your oneness and singularity. Or you might get a jet and move faster than the train, but no matter which, bear in mind that you must reach your destination — home.

But where is home?

Home is where you meet your owner, I don’t mean Jehovah.

Yes, He created you but He gave you free will too, so not Him. I am talking about your buyer, the one you sold your soul to, and I exhort you to sell to the highest bidder — Jesus. Even your father never gave his life for you — but so did Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the best thing is, He rose on the 3rd Day — quite a wondrous feat.

Live life according to your inbuilt wills.

But your desires must be in conformance to that of your buyer. Don’t claim to be, because you are not, and can never be a role model. Why? Because if you live you life well, when people are ‘role modelling’ you, they would only be emulating Christ. What more can excite your buyer than trying to emulate Him?

And to emulate Christ better, you have to be in this world but not of it. But in all these…


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