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Calling out John Mahama, Hannah Tetteh and the NDC for their impudence

Originally published at www.facebook.com on July 5th, 2015

I’ve seen shrouded stupid decisions during the Kufuor-NPP and Mills-NDC gov’ts and I’ve seen the Mahama-NDC gov’t in power. I need not say more but I prefer shrouded stupidity to callously plain stupidity.

Most of the decisions this gov’t makes can never be undertaken by my younger brother and that boy is barely a teenager.(Yh, there’s a 14 yr gap between us). The Mahama gov’t does not only seem to have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the pleas and complains of Ghanaians (this was well put across by Hannah Tetteh), but they also seem to be intentionally inciting the wrath of Ghanaians.

I feel this is a sheer try to usurp the peace and tranquility enjoyed since the last coup. And when pro-NDC activists like Paramza Kofi strongly object to the fact that John Dramani Mahama seems to be on a mission to destroy Ghana as we know it, I wonder if declaring your support for NDC blindly, provides extra wages for you at the end of the month.

The funny part is, the stupid decisions by the current Presidency of the Republic of Ghana reflects on all of us. We look stupid on a global basis for allowing these decisions to be implemented. I for one know that I am not stupid and I don’t think you are.

I’m not very good with the politics, I leave it to the fanatics, but all i wish to know today is, “Isn’t there a safe and democratic way to remove Mahama and his cohorts from power before 2016?”


Because my greatest fear is that if we should wait for 2016, the damages to my beloved Ghana might have gone beyond repair. And I don’t think any sane Ghanaian would love to take that risk. Will you take that risk?

PS: Can someone explain to me why you’d move someone who is seen as corrupt from a place of lower access to national gold to a place of higher access? Is that to reassure Ghanaians that you take anti-corruption measures strongly or what? SMH

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