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I heard clear silence

…a poem by Sena Quashie

Clear Silence | by j.crasselt

Listening to my alter ego 
I forget my wishes

It is not nice
When the choking gray blue
Of that life sentence
Under the yoke of the wind
Is not a choice

But he must be wise in praying 
He, who relies on the Grace of God

Be my last friend standing 
Though the mistral blows right

You have the soul of a poet 
And you’re crazy enough to ignore 
The season of threat 
Where your solitude partied

I only did look at the sky 
As they quickly spent 
The hours of Christmas. 
But in the darkness of my eyes 
Nobody came

Only last night I was lost 
In your kiss

But with our heart sleeping 
Who do you take with you?
These walls are too conciliatory.
And your disobedient wishes 
Are parties to dawn

In there wanders a poem 
Which reflect on the gems

Was it in a dream 
Or was it in the waking day 
That I thought I heard clear silence

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      …a poem by Sena QuashieClear Silence | by j.crasseltListening to my alter ego I forget my wishesIt is not niceWhen the choking gray blueOf that life s
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